What is the Valuation of intangible assets?

Sep 9, 2022 | Intangible assets | 0 comments

Did you know that all companies have intangible assets? These are assets that are not perceptible, quantifiable or measurable. Unlike other assets, intangible assets are all those that cannot be directly provided with an economic value. Examples of these assets could be contractual obligations, patents, committed workers, good geographic location or a highly qualified salesperson, which would be difficult to put a price on. The competitive environment of organizations, which is not limited to the local market but extends to other territories, has made understanding one of the primary resources for preserving the reality of organizations. This understanding belongs to the most relevant intangible assets that companies have the possibility of developing to the advantage of their permanence and growth in the era. For more information visit our blog How is an intangible asset valuation done? And learn the steps to perform a correct valuation. The rationale replaces labor and capital as the primary input in production processes and intangibles represent a fairly fundamental section of the added cost of organizations. The economic laws governing intangibles are different from those governing tangible goods, since the former are not rivals (the use of one does not exclude the other), show high fixed prices (large investments), but small marginal prices (the extra price per unit is low), which implies that they face economies of scale. The ownership of intangible assets should be handled differently from that of tangible assets, since it is in the minds of the employees. And just talking about employees, it is very important that you as an employer also know how to calculate your profits in order to have a better profitability. not only the valuation of your assets but also all the fiscal aspects of your company in order.


What is necessary to value an intangible asset?

It is understandable that what we do not have the possibility to conceptualize, it is not feasible to measure, therefore, it becomes the first step in our evaluation process. Assets whose ownership is diffuse or whose function is not to be marketed are not measurable intangibles, since valuation involves a process of measuring the financial cost, often based on market references. That said, the importance of having experts in the field is high and it is recommended to seek professionals with experience and expertise in the field. You could even go to an accounting firm to get in touch with them. the importance of the payroll maquila. ALCON is a committed company and provides advice on the subject of Valuation of intangible assets. If you want to know more ! Contact us at ! Via WhatsApp or by e-mail. Follow us on our Facebook e Instagram Visit our Twitter for more news Connect with us by LinkedIn


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