How is tax litigation experienced in Mexico?

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At the end of 2021 the closing of 1 trillion pesos of debt was detected by taxpayers, who decided to dispute the tax credit and this money cannot be collected until a solution is found, which may take years. When we talk about a tax credit, we refer to a debt generated by a taxpayer’s failure to make payments, presenting a debt to the different tax authorities. If the taxpayer wishes to cover the debt to avoid any other problem, this can be done without any problem; however, if there is any disagreement on the part of the taxpayer, he/she can take the case to court and have a defense. Learn more about this topic in our blog Tax litigation What is it? and stay informed to learn more about it.


Facts about Tax Litigation in Mexico

In 2021, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit presented a figure of 1 trillion 446,667 million pesos of tax credits, of which 914,364 million are in dispute, which means that taxpayers have decided to go to litigation. This is where the importance of keeping your company’s accounting up to date regardless of size or tax status. Let us remember that litigation consists of bringing a difference of interests to trial for a correct solution where each party involved can count on a defense at all times. However, when the tax credit is disputed, such money may not be collected by any of the tax entities until the case is fully settled. Another important situation in which immediate action is needed may be to know that what to do when faced with a requirement from the SAT You can’t go on without knowing that information! Large companies belonging to the banking sector or even international companies are a great example, because they have recently reached an agreement with the SAT despite the fact that the tax credit has been filed for years.


Current changes 2022

This year, SAT has decided to start with the litigation of the largest companies in order to avoid rumors and misinterpretations, and at the same time strengthen the legal criteria. Last year’s figures show that SAT won more than half of the lawsuits against taxpayers, giving a total of 8,409 lawsuits won out of 18,450 registered lawsuits. With an amount of over 90 billion pesos, 64.7% of the total litigation filed, which represents a very low rate of lost cases. Given these figures, when a company wishes to file a tax litigation before certain authorities, it is important to have adequate advice and defense. In fact, during this year there were not only changes for this organization. During the second half of the year, an additional New Service for Confirmation of Credit Procedures with INFONAVIT. On the other hand, it also created the REPSE auditbegan to be solicited employment contracts and requested SIRCE registration. Considering that the waiting time will be long, the best recommendation is to count on professionals who will allow the case to move forward and give it a serious and committed follow-up until the time of its resolution. Companies with years of experience are the best option in these cases, such as ALCON, an accounting firm that provides tax advice and has highly qualified employees. Via WhatsApp or on Follow us on our Facebook e Instagram Visit our Twitter for more news Connect with us on LinkedIn


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